About Us


Canvastrips was started in 2016, with purpose to make traveling easy and fun and not like any other run in the mill travel agency. We share our own travel experiences with the clients and make their itineraries more innovative, the main aim of the company is to not share the same itineraries and places to visit. we suggest places which have less of visitors as the places have not been explored. we are also into educational tours, corporate clients and MICE.

We have traveled ourselves to nearly all destinations across India, South East Asia and some parts of Europe as well, so if you have a particular place in mind, just let us know and we will customize an itinerary which meets all our client’s needs. We also provide educational tours. No matter if you prefer cultural discovery to adventure or family tours over incentive travel, we deal in everything that will suit your varied requirements.

Our Aim

Our aim is not merely to render holiday tour but also provide a variety of services weaved to perfection according to your needs. We believe that bringing people and places together is a noble affair. Moments which people spend with their loved ones are truly magical and blessed. Likewise, holidays or get together are both an excuse and an opportunity to Explore, Relax and bound to create unforgettable moments. So we at Canvastrips & services strive to achieve this holistic experience and to ensure that every moment is timeless and unforgettable.