United Kingdom

The Problem

The concept of Educational Travel in general and international short term educational trips in particular is becoming increasingly popular in India. Yet, the Educational Travel industry in India is really in a nascent if not altogether inchoate state. The crux of the problem is that a majority of existing players in this sector have more to do with “travel” than “education”. In other words, a lot of travel agents have diversified into Educational Travel with a very erroneous and fundamentally flawed assumption that Educational Travel is just a fancy name for a sightseeing tour. The skills and mindset needed to organize a leisure trip for a family or a corporate group is vastly different from what designing an effective Educational Travel programme for students requires. It is therefore hardly surprising that a lot of products on offer are either unimaginative with no conscious underlying philosophy or just copycat attempts to ride the bandwagon of other successfully marketed products (which still doesn’t mean that these copycat inspiring successful products deliver adequate value to students). 

Solution we offer

At Canvas Trips, we have taken a completely different approach. We have chosen to combine our skills and expertise with another organization which complements us, and shares with us our vision of what an excellent Educational Travel programme should look like. The organization we have chosen to partner with is Acorn Experiences, an organically international experiential learning organization with a difference. 

Our Partner

Acorn Experiences was founded in the UK and is co-located in the UK and India. Acorn Experiences has been founded by a group of diverse individuals who have studied, lived, worked and travelled extensively in numerous countries and cultures. They bring with them a rich spectrum of professional backgrounds and complementary skills. Between the Founders and the Board of Advisors, their collective career profiles include – Education, Technology, Corporate Strategy, Journalism, Diplomacy, Academics, and Entrepreneurship.

In essence, the philosophy of Acorn Experiences is that an efficacious Educational Travel programme is a carefully planned combination of tours, site visits and hands-on learning opportunities, architected around clear objectives with the students involved as active participants rather than passive observers.

In specific, Acorn Experiences delivers this vision through its flagship Global Orientation and Life Skills (GOALS) Programme, aimed at middle school students and conducted in London.

The Program

GOALS is a week long intensive and comprehensive Programme, which includes visiting many of the iconic historical sites and culturally important attractions such as Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and British Museum. Each such visit is seamlessly interwoven with a set of activities, pre-visit and post-visit – possibly including but not limited to, discussions, quizzes, debates, and on-the-spot competitions. GOALSis not limited to London though. The pièce de résistance of GOALSis Destination Oxbridge, a day long event which starts with a visit to University of Cambridge and ends with a session conducted by a seasoned British academic which focuses on practical tips on successfully applying to Oxford, Cambridge or another elite University of similar prominence.

“It has been a delight working with Canvas Trips. Their enthusiasm, go-getter attitude, attention to detail and overall professionalism makes them stand head and shoulders above their competitors. At Acorn Experiences, we firmly believe that with our proficiency in designing travel-centric experiential learning Programmes for students and with Canvas Trips’ expertise in managing logistics, we shall be able to deliver tremendously valuable Programmes to Indianstudents, which would be a class apart, in every sense, from the current choices on offer.”